Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Oswaldo Guayasamin was an man that grew up as a misfit and was told that he would not amount to anything. As he grew older he began to use art as a way to portray the people he knew, the culture he lived and the pain he felt towards war and oppression.
Painting on cardboard, plywood and hemp bags, left a unique impression on me. Sketches with chalk, oil and acyclic paintings displayed Picasso like images that moved me. There was one painting that was thick with texure made from oil and different colored dirt. He liked to paint mothers with their sons and men that were tortured in wars and demonstrations.
My favorite collection was the Hand Collection. Guayasamin believed that you can tell a lot by a mans hands. The photo here is my favorite. This is called "Manos De La Ternura" (Hands of Tenderness).
Guayasamin passes away in 1999 but his paintings still represent not only Ecuador but South America as well.

The other photo is of the equator here in Quito. We played about for 2 hours here. There was a lot more here to do than I had thought. There was a planetarium, small displays of other countries in the world and a museum of the native people of Ecuador.
I leave for Colombia tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes!


Felipe said...

Hi Domina,
thanks for your post on my blog,, i'm really interested in surfing at Peru... Do you have any suggestion on how to go from Lima to the northern beaches?

Domina said...

I have been traveling by bus. there are Cama, Semi Cama and economy busses. To get to Mancora it would cost about 110 Soles(less than 50 U.S. dollars)for the Cama and it is worth it! There are leather seats that lean far back, they feed you decent food and there are movies. Sometimes in English sometimes not. These are much needed features for a 15 hour bus ride!

Anonymous said...

I love to see the equator...thanks for sharing!


Jenny said...

Share some pics when you get back!

Nomadic Matt said...

i would have played on the equater for ages!! "look mom! I'm in to sides of the world!!" hehe

Anonymous said...

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