Monday, June 23, 2008

I am ALIVE!!!!!

I could go on and on about my feelings but I would rather tell you about what I have been doing and experiencing. Then you will be able to conclude that what i am feeling is more than words can describe...
since my amazing, partially life changing experience at Machu Picchu, I traveled by bus for 20 hours to Lima. there we experienced the night life, escaped danger by crossing a busy highway by foot, bowled and watched one of the greatest movies of the summer, "the happening". Then we traveled another 8 hours to a beach town just north of Trujillo. There we relaxed on the beach for a day and decided to head up to Mancora which was another 9 hour bus ride. This is where I am now. They call this town "the endless summer". This is a huge surf destination for surfers around the world and being here i now know why. It is gorgeous here! Some of the friends that i have been traveling with have left to go to Equador. I plan to stay here for about another week and then I may head up there as well.
traveling alone is great! I can do what I want, when I want and it feels good.

Yesterday I was stung by a wasp!! The pain was dreadful! One of the workers at the hostel had to squeeze the venom out which was worse than the sting. I am doing better now.
I want to take note and share with you the fact that I am beginning to relize that who I am is actually pretty amazing. The experiences that I have chosen for good and bad, have molded me into someone that I am actually proud to be. There is noone in this world that can define you, not even your parents. What you choose to do in life on your own is who you are. Sometimes those choices are not the best, but in the end you learn from them and from there you can only get better!
I dont have too many regrets in life. I think the feeling of regret is a choice and a mechanism that keeps us from moving forward.
So, get over yourself and find solutions! Find your path to your own adveture and make it happen.
I need to go now. A board,ocean,sun and sand awaits me! Adios mi amigos!!!


Katie said...

What a great entry! So positive! I miss you mucho grande and think of you often. I'm so glad you're in a good place mentally and emotionally. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your adventures BUT next time, how about no injuries involved! hugs, Kristina :)

m a i d o f b e d l a m said...

i somehow managed to totally not notice that you had so many entries already. your trip sounds totally amazing, and i'm so happy for you that you're enjoying yourself. i laughed really hard about the women on the inca trail selling toilet paper. i thought of your "rock toilet paper" story. stay safe, and have fun. keep up the blogging!

Micah said...

hey, i am so excited for all your adventures. i emailed you in your regular gmail and i don't think you can get those down there.
just wanted to let you know i have been thinking about you a lot lately.
keep trucking. love tara

psykotedy said...

If you keep on writing posts like this one and I might actually get off my ass and jump out into the great wide unknown with you.

Anonymous said...

You sound soooo....alive! Miss you mucho!


brooksgirl said...

"There is noone in this world that can define you, not even your parents. What you choose to do in life on your own is who you are." I like this :O) and to think we used to call you Dinky well your adventures are anything but that. Stay Safe and know you are loved back home