Sunday, June 1, 2008

starbucks in peru

Yes it is true. but this blog will not be about coffe. as I scramble to place my thoughts into an intranet that is costing me by the minute, i will give you a brief synopsis. of my trip thus far... i am still at the airport. I have been travleing since Friday night and getting to wrap up an 8 hour lay over in Lima. I have been jotting my thoughts in my journal and i will transfer some of those at a later date, anyhow, I am tired and stinky but having a BLAST already. All i have done the past 8 hours is post on a black leather sofa at the Starbucks here and have met a ton of amazing poeple! they just stop by to grab a cup of joe before their travels we sit for about 45 mins they leave just in time for the next round of folks for me to encounter. Let me introduce you...
Justin- lives in San Jose but moving to Sac with his girlfriend. Purpose of visit. Hike into machu picchu ( not the inca trail)
Some 17 year old from Denver who was on his way north of lima to help his uncle. He has been to over 15 countries.
Gordon- Vancouver. works 365 days a year to take a year off and travel the world. He does not go into the US because he has a warrent out for his arrest.
Effa- from Ireland. doing some humanitarian work in cusco. She was sweet.
that was just the first few hours.
Gotta run...

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